Instrument Rating


Why Pursue An Instrument Rating?

When you dream of flying through the clouds, this is the rating that allows your dream to come true. Completion of this course is perhaps the most rewarding of all training you will undertake. It sharpens your skills and, within the realm of good judgment, allows you to fly in weather which would otherwise have you grounded.

If not studied as part of the Commercial Pilot Course, your instrument rating can be added to your Private Pilot certification. This is the course considered by many the most challenging and rigorous of all.


What Do I Need To Get Going?

The enrollment requirement include at least a Private Pilot certificate, and at completion you must have flown 50 or more cross country hours after your Private Pilot certificate was awarded.


What Will It Take To Graduate?

You can expect to spend approximately 40-50 hours flying in an instrument certified airplane and about the same in classroom work. You can normally complete this course in about three months. Graduation consists of passing a written test with a score of 70% or better and successfully completing an oral examination and flight test.


Instrument Rating

Instructor, CFI

Part 61 Instrument Pilot Minimums